Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinges


  • Pozi Drive Screws
  • WeldCap Secure Fix System
  • BS EN 1634-1:2000 Fire Tested
    • FD60 Timber
    • FD240 Steel
  • BS EN 1935:2002 Performance Tested
  • Certifire CF336

CE Logo FD Fd60 FD240 Certifire

Available Sizes & Finishes:

Size (mm) BS EN
Certifire SSS PSS EB
76 51 2 7 1 Pair Tick X 14852 14851 14885
102 76 2.5   1 Pair Tick X 14857    
102 76 3 11 1 Pair Tick Tick 14858 14860 14882g11
102 76 3 11 1.5 Pair Tick Tick PK858 PK860  
102 76 3 13 1 Pair Tick Tick 14854 14853 14882
102 76 3 13 1.5 Pair Tick Tick PK854 PK853 PK882
102 102 3 13 1 Pair Tick X 14841 14875 14878
127 102 3   1 Pair Tick X 14842    

Care and Maintenance of Ball Bearing Hinges

Ball bearing hinges are supplied ready lubricated by the manufacturer to ensure smooth operation of hinge leaves when fitted to doors. In some cases after installation there will be signs to varying degrees of clear oil seepage. If left for a period of time and particularly in high usage areas such as toilets the oil will combine with atmospheric dust and darken in colour. To avoid the mixture of dust and oil acting as a grinding paste on the ball bearings, which accelerates wear, it is recommended that the product be cleaned periodically. How often the product is cleaned is based on the environment in which it is fitted combined with the assessment of the maintenance officer. It is also advised that the product is lubricated at 25,000 cycle intervals to maintain optimum efficiency of the hinge. However a simple monthly cleaning programme will be sufficient for all low usage areas such as cupboard doors and a fortnightly program is advised for high usage areas such as toilets. This will ensure your products lifespan is maximised and also visually acceptable to the environment in which is fitted.

Intumescent Hinge Pads (sold seperately)

To comply with current standards and performance requirements our fire rated hinges are tested and certified to EN1634 FD 30, FD 60 timber Doorsets and FD 240 Steel Doorsets. For endurance, corrosion and load bearing requirements our hinges are tested and certified to EN1935 from Grade 7 up to and including Grade 14. Grade 11, 13 and 14 hinges are also Certifire registered. Intumescent hinge pads should be fitted as standard on fire door applications.

SSS Grade 13 Ball Bearing Butt

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