Multi-flex Door Closers


  • Hydraulic Door Closer
    Rack and pinion with hydraulic control
  • CE Approved
    • UNE EN 1154:2003
    • EN 1154:1996 y A1:2002
      Cert No 1239-0800310
      Cert No 1239-0800312 (parallel arm)
  • Flex Systems
    Variable force EN-2, EN-3, EN-4 via templating
  • High Thermostable Oil
    Stable closing time even submitted to temperatures between -20° and 40°
  • Hydraulic Door Closer Control
    Adjustable closing speed in the range 180° to 15° for EN-2 and EN-3, and from 120° to 15° for EN-4
  • Adjustable Latch Control
    In the range 15° to 0°
  • Adjustable Hold Open
    Open unit to any selected opening angle (optional)
  • Force Multyplying Effect
    Closing force can be increased to 10% via changing the installation position of the arm support
  • High Performance
    Excellent Closing efficiency by means of needle bearing incorporation

Multi-Flex Door Closer

Available Finishes:

  • 28501 - Silver (pictured)